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Maggi An Jeong-won (안정원)


An Jeong-won 안정원

Maggi An Jeong-won


IMC Games Co.,Ltd.


Art Director


Anime Concept Art


Tree of Savior

Granado Espada

Portfolio & Links

Personal Website



sketch.jpg “Maggi An Jeong-won (안정원)” is the Art Director and concept artist who worked in IMC Games Co.,Ltd. for a very long time. She started in the Granado Espada before moving to Tree of Savior (TOS).

As an art director, Maggi is responsible for the the character design, costumes, illustrations, NPC images, background images, modelling and texture design for Tree of Savior Game. Her involvement in TOS brought a kind of lovely and nice feel to the game. Her motive is to let players immerse themselves into the game and pay more attention to the details. Her main objective is to give a moving fairy tale book feel; and to achieve that, most of the textures in the game are hand drawn.

Of course, Maggi also claimed that not every part of TOS is all nice and lovely. Because the game is based on dystopian elements, some parts of the game is purposely designed to be dark and evil.

Interactive Elements

Interactive Elements have been implemented as well in Tree of Savior. Designers have added elements such as treasure boxes, pull-able levers and Swinging grass. This feature may affect the way players travel from one map to another.

Information & Research

realitydesign.jpgMaggi and her team get all their information from visiting places such as Lithuania, Turkey, Nepal, France, China, Vilnius and etc. Their aim during the travel are to capture as much information and documents on background, costumes designs, culture and basically understand the overall feel of the community.

Maggi's Artwork



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