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Items in Tree of Savior are categorized into many different uses. Items are character wearable equipment, companion wearable equipment, in-game currency, consumable items, manuals, cards, ingredients used for enhancing & crafting and items that does not do anything at all.

One of the main way to obtain items is from killing monsters (as loots). Item drop percentage from monsters are fixed. The percentage is also fixed for item category. The only way to increase the percentage of monsters' loot is to add jewels that increase the percentage of item drops.

Each item has their unique weight. There is a limit to how much item one can store in their storage space, this can be improved by adding stats. If the maximum weight is exceeded, the characters' movement speed will be reduced and anymore items can not be picked up.

Equipment (weapons, shields and armors) can be upgraded using three methods, Advancement, Gem/Jewel Slotting and Attaching Magic Amulets.


Other Items



  • Iron Helm


Armor: Body

(Does not affect character appearance)

  • Plate Mail
  • Coat

Armor: Glove

(Does not affect character appearance)

  • Plate Gauntlets
  • Kyrass Glove

Armor: Garments

Armor: Pants

(Does not affect character appearance)

Armor: Footgears

(Does not affect character appearance)

  • Emperor Greaves
  • Strong Shoes

Accessories (3 slots)

  • Necklace of Strength

Left & Right Hand Equipment


  • Artisan's Staff
  • Long Staff
  • Capra Staff
  • Heavy Long Staff
  • Short Sword
  • Royal 2-hand Sword
  • Heavy Bastard Sword
  • Flamberge
  • Falchion
  • Repeating Crossbow
  • Caliburn
  • Gladius


  • Wooden Buckler

Companion Equipment


  • HP Potion (Small)
  • HP Potion (Big)
  • SP Potion (Small)
  • SP Potion (Big)
  • STA Potion (Small)
  • STA Potion (Big)
  • Movement Speed Potion
  • Attack Booster +3
  • Attack Booster +6
  • Attack Booster +9
  • Defense Booster +1
  • Red Chinese Cabbage
  • Pine Mushroom
  • Skill Incantation Scroll


  • Anvil
  • Salt
  • Grinder
  • Iron Bar
  • Silk Cloth

Gems & Jewels

  • Scarlet Gem
  • Peridot
  • Skull Magic Amulet



  • Clothing Design

General Items

  • Guild Gold Coin

Items can be thrown away, sold to NPC or used as ingredients for crafting.

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