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Tree of Savior Game Introduction

Tree of Savior (트리 오브 세이비어) is a MMORPG game currently developed by IMC Games in Korea. The game was first introduced under the heading “Project R1”, where it attained the title “spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online”. Tree of Savior is led by the “Father of Ragnarok Online” Kim Hakkyu (김학규) who was a lead designer of Ragnarok Online from 1998 to 2001.

Tree of Savior is designed using self developed game engines developed for “Granado Espada”. The graphics engine uses the same one as “Wolfknights”. Both these games are owned by IMC Games. Tree of Savior features a 2.5D graphics with anime style characters; the graphics design team, led by Maggi An Jeong-won (안정원) aims to allow players to fully immerse into the fairy tail environment of the game.

The game is currently still in Beta Testing Phase (see Chronology). During launch, the game will feature:

In the first quarter of 2014, Tree of Savior game conducted four Focus Group Tests (FGT). Only Korean players were invited for the test. Closed Beta Testing (CBT) was due in summer 2014, however the deadline has been postponed for internal reasons.

Below is the first trailer that was released in G-Star 2013. It has been translated by our staffs.


Tree of Savior appeared on the Earth, destroying the capital palace. The Goddesses who have been protecting humans suddenly ceased to exist on the face of the Earth. Humans suffer while being attacked by the Monsters. Soon, the Goddess Laima made a change to the fate of the destiny, saved the Goddess and revealed the secrets about the tree and the monsters.


  • Goddess of Destiny, Laima
  • Goddess of the Evening Star, Vakarinė
  • Goddess of Fire, Gabija
  • Goddess of Death, Giltinė

Focus Group Test Result

IMC Games conducted its Focus Group Testing in February 2014. A number of participants from Korea are invited to the studio to perform various tasks to test the game out. The developers received feedback on balances of classes, quest flows, difficulty level, controllability of a few classes, interfaces and more. The summary of the FGT was many of the participants enjoyed the test and would play the real game. However there are still a lot to test, such as game's feasibility when a lot of users are connected at the same time. This will be tested in the upcoming CBT.


Date Event
2009 IMC Games begins “Project R1”
May 13, 2011 Project R1 unveiled at Hangame Ex 2011
May 6, 2013 IMC Games acquired domain name
August 13, 2013 IMC Games renamed the name of “Project R1” to “Tree of Savior”
November 14, 2013 The first gameplay video of the game is released
February 25, 2014 IMC Games started their first focus group test (FGT) in Seoul, South Korea
March 4, 11 and 18, 2014 Second, third and fourth focus group test sessions.
April 30, 2014 IMC Games started their own blog at
May 13, 2014 IMC started their own English blog at
Summer, 2014 Upcoming international closed beta test. (Delayed)
July 29, 2014 Game publisher Hangame and IMC Games nullified contact last year
Currently no Korean publisher has been decided yet.
September 5, 2014 Blog announced that they will stop blog updates and focus on developing and releasing the Closed Beta.

To understand more about Tree of Savior, please read Q&A Summary.

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