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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Game Release FAQs

Q: When is Tree of Savior (TOS) going to be officially released?
A: Currently we are all waiting for the Closed Beta to be released, the official release is probably in 2015.

Q: When is the Closed Beta releasing?
A: The developers planned to release the Closed Beta Testing (CBT) in summer of 2014, but it is delayed to the fourth quarter of the year. See TOS Chronology.

Q: Where do I download and register to play?
A: The game is not released yet.

Q: Is the game free to play or pay to play?
A: IMC Games has not implemented the payment system yet.

Q: What is the system requirements to play the game?
A: Because the developers are still developing the game, the final requirement of the game will only be available during the official release.

Q: Can my Mac play the game?
A: Unfortunately no, but you can use Bootcamp to run the game.

Q: When is the international version releasing?
A: IMC Games is planning for CBT in Korea first. They may add more physical servers world wide based on the data they collect in the test.

Q: Is the CBT in English or Korean?
A: The developers are translating, but translation is not done by natives. Developers may implement suggestions in game for players to provide suggestion.

Q: Which mythology is TOS based on?
A: Tree of Savior is based on Lithuanian Mythology. See Goddesses.

About Game FAQs

Q: How many Classes are there?
A: In CBT, IMCGame plans to release up to 80 classes. Players get to choose from four main classes (swordsman, wizard, archer and cleric) and then there are 10 advancement classes.

Q: How do you control the characters?
A: Tree of Savior is played with a keyboard. The developer has decided not to use mouse. Gamepad implementation is still under development.

Q: Is this game open World or zoned?
A: Tree of Savior is zoned with very large maps for players to discover. The game features up to 200 territories and 3 major cities.

Q: Is this game related to Ragnarok Online (RO)?
A: No. Tree of Savior has nothing to do with Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok Online is owned by Gravity, Tree of Savior is owned by IMG Games. The only connection between TOS and RO is Kim Hakkyu, the lead designer for both of the games.

Q: Is TOS quest based? Am I free to explore?
A: TOS can be both quest based or exploration based. Players can choose to play the quest or explore the world. Both contribute score to the achievement index (a score used for Ranking System).

Q: Who composed the music for TOS?
A: The musics in TOS are composed by SoundTEMP.

Q: What is the max level?
A: Max level is level 100 for the closed beta. Level cap may be increased for official release.

Q: I am a boy, I want to play a girl character, is that possible?
A: Yes, TOS is not gender locked.

Q: Can the character jump?
A: Yes, characters can jump on any objects they like. See Character Controls.

Q: Can I get married in game?
A: At the moment this is not implemented. The developer may consider adding if the response for this feature is there.

Q: Will there be PvP or Guide Wars?
A: Not at the moment. However, small scale “Gladiator” style tournaments are held for single or party players.

Q: Can I trade with other players?
A: Yes, the developers have made a Market system that includes auctioning as well.

Q: Can I craft items?
A: Yes, all classes can craft some items. There are also classes that are specialized in crafting.

Q: How do I enhance my items?
A: Unlike Ragnarok Online, item enhancement is done by adding crafting, adding jewels and magic amulets. Card has other uses.

Q: How many Character Stats & Attributes are there?
A: In Tree of Savior, there are only STR, VIT, AGI and INT.

More Information

Q: Where can I find more information regarding Tree of Savior Game?
A: You can visit the Official Site.

Q: Is there a Wiki for the game?
A: Yes, our Tree of Savior Wiki page offers a lot of information regarding the game.

Q: Where can I receive automatic updates to my Facebook or Twitter account?
A: You can Facebook Like or Twitter Follow us. When we have updates we will notify you.

Q: What about a discussion forum?
A: Yes, join us at Discussion Forum for all discussions and updates.

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